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True Stone Fairy Tale

Joe Dellacroce Brenda Edwards Tevin Norman

Once upon a time, two elderly people, with a passion for natural stone and the stone industry, found that they had a common problem. They could not be competitive in quoting and fabricating Indiana limestone. Joe Dellacroce, Connecticut Stone, and Brenda Edwards, TexaStone Quarries, looked for solutions for a year and a half for ways to fulfill their demands in supplying Indiana limestone to projects across the country. Finally, after searching many different opportunities, they purchased an old mill in Bloomington, IN. As of the first of December 2013, it is now operating under the name of TexaCon Cut Stone, LLC. One of the biggest challenges that Joe and Brenda faced was having a trustworthy person to oversee the entire operation since they both lived so far away. The heavens opened and Tevin Norman appeared. Tevin, co-owner, is the general manager in charge of day to day business. The vision for the future is to network and outsource with other companies in the Indiana limestone belt and benefit all. And everyone lived happily ever after. 

A New Beginning

We believe that TexaCon occupies a unique place in the history of the limestone industry. As we forge new relationships and open new opportunities for growth, we are committed to honoring our heritage by developing a reputation for efficiency and integrity. We are committed to earning the trust and respect of our customers. And we are committed to drawing new business to the Belt, sparking a resurgence in the prestige of Indiana limestone.

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